Monthly Archives: February 2010

Featured Game – Cabela’s Dangerous Adventures (Wii)

Title: Cabela’s Dangerous Adventures
Console: Nintendo Wii

Hard to get hold of in this format, this is the classic hunting title by specialists Cabela. Take on some of the world’s most dangerous animals in your living room. Experience stalking and shooting some of the more endagered species – without the ethical issues of actually hunting them.

One advantage of the Wii is that there is no need to buy a seperate light gun controller. Several companies do attachments that turn the wii-mote and nunchuck into a passable light gun, ranging fom the cheap and cheerful to tripod mounted rifles with laser sights. Widgets

Featured Game – Lego Star Wars (Wii)

Title: Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Wii)
Console: Nintendo Wii

Currently our all-time best-seller*, and with good reason. Combining lego, and who doesn’t like building blocks, with one of the most successful movie franchises of all time. The complete adventures features the original and prequel trilogies in a reworking of the original Lego titles.

Also available on the PS3 (see here), it seems to be more popular on the Wii, perhaps for the innovative control system.

*For anyone interested, its competition is Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem on the Gamecube, and Dark Chronicle on the PS2.

Featured Game – Endless Ocean

Title: Endless Ocean
Console: Nintendo Wii

After the success of Everblue and its sequel, Arika’s launch title for the Wii followed the same theme. Fortunately it also followed the level of quality, offering something different, details and with graphics and a soundtrack to die for.

With Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep (Wii) soon to be released in PAL, now is definitely the time to look out this first title and replay it, just to set the mood.