Monthly Archives: August 2007

Welcome to the blog!

We’ve decided to switch Ragged Angel’s news page to a blog. This is because largely, the news page on the site has been sadly neglected. Using a blog should allow us to update when we are out and around which will hopefully make this simpler.

That said, onto the news:
We have started to get PS3 games in stock – not as cheaply as we’d like but its a start. We are looking for reliable suppliers for PS3 and Wii games.

The ebay store has gained a new category: Accessories. We are selling additions and controllers for the PS2, Gameboy and other consoles.

Our biblio store has been closed – due to the increasing demand for computer games we are examing splitting out books into a new store and different business.

After switching to a new Froogle feed, our ebay listings are now available through froogle once again. We are also planning to restore our ebid stores in the near future.