New website

Please bear with me as I complete the migration from blogger to the new site. Getting the hang of wordpress is easier than I thought it would be, but it still takes time. 

Originally I meant to use the blogspot site as a static website to host the ebooks, but the changes at blogger made that rather difficult. Now I’m moving here, which means that the Great Western Railway book will finally get its own page. 

So, how do you like the new look?

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The next title

The next book I am working on is the Great Western Railway. Since it was the first one I did when these were on lulu, it is getting a re-write before I put it up.

There is also a lot of extra content to add – like the tunnels and bridges which I hadn’t written at the time the first version came out.
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About the site

This is a small site for several non-fiction historical ebooks which are available free online.

Focusing on engineering and history, these are introductory essays. Originally published through lulu, they are now available in Ebook and PDF formats through Smashwords to extend availability. Each essay and ebook is designed as an introduction. Entire books have been written on any one of these topics, so if anything piques your interest, there are plenty for places to go for further reading. Some are listed on the books’ pages.

These are free to download and use so long as credit is given to the author. They were originally written for classroom use to give project ideas.

The ebooks are available to Read Online, in ebook formats for readers including Kindle and Nook, and in PDF for printing if required.

Each of these ebooks covers topics which already have lenses dedicated to them. Lenses are single page websites, hosted by Squidoo, which contain articles, images, and more details on the topics in the books.
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